HP Top Shot 3D Scanner Price In India

HP top shot 3D scanner:

Technology major Hewlett-Packard announced a range of new products and applications for its Imaging and Printing Group (HP IPG) targeting at enterprise (both large and small), consumer and graphic customer segments

HP top shot 3D scanner Price in india

With HP TopShot, you can scan 3D objects – say your dull-finish DSLR camera, a watch or even a shining piece of jewelry – and it turns them into 2D pictures that you can either directly print to paper or send to the cloud (like Google Docs) as a digital image.

the ‘top shot’ all-in-one scanner and laserjet printer by HP captures studio-like images of 3D objects
for instant uploading,  amidst a host of other connectivity solutions designed for small business use.

the top deck of the device features an overhanging arm with a high resolution camera and flash. when an object is placed on the surface
and scanned, the camera takes three images with flash from different angles and three in ambient light with different exposure levels,
combining them to mimic a studio-quality product shot.

if the printer is connected to the internet, photographs can be instantly uploaded to the web without need of an intermediary
computing device. a range of web applications– accessible via the device’s 3.5-inch touchscreen– offer additional built-in
functionality that eliminate the need for a computer or smartphone: the ‘shoeboxed’ busness card app, for example,
permits multiple business cards to be placed on the scanning surface and scanned all at once, with all contact information
saved to outlook or contact database; while receipts can be scanned and their data instantly added to a web-based quickbooks account.

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